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Disappointed... yet again

I never should have convinced myself that i was going to penelope's play, like anything that I really want would happen. so... I can't go into my room, or the bathroom or look in a mirror or sleep or anything... fucking scary movies! I'm the only one up and its dark and i didnt sleep last night and i have the same closet as the one in the movie and I don't wanna die... Is it wrong that i'm more afraid of some supernatural thing coming to get me than i am of a serial killer? I'm such a weinee(in the immortal words of that girl samantha, whom i met once for only a moment). I guess im "sleeping" in the living room tonight. I drank a whole lotta soda so i can stay awake, but now i have to pee but i cant go into the bathroom... fuck! and im still sick which means im still delerious and i can hear a cat but there is none... someone help!
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