Gizmo (gremlin_of_3605) wrote,

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Where did all the unicorns go?

So apparently we are now the panthers and our colors are black and grey. That is fine and all but isn't it a bit boring? Why can't we be weird and stick with the unicorn or at least with something unconventional? This is why, being the rebel that I am, I am making my own mascot the Cheshire cat. Meaning I will be sewing stripes and a very large smile on the little panther. Oh and the stripes will be the brightest pink I can find. So who ever wants to join me, the fewer people the better, our new mascot is the Cheshire cat and our colors are black, grey, and pink.
What happened to the good old days when we would make an L with our thumb and pointer finger, put it to our foreheads and yell GO UNICORNS! to no one? Those were the days.
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