Gizmo (gremlin_of_3605) wrote,

The power of post-its

How can a little yellow rectangle turn ones mood completely around? Just add some sharpie and attach to your forehead and all is well. Truly amazing. You get called a weird kid by a teacher, Mr.Slatery: " Why do I always get the weird kids in my class?", stared at by countless people, and have strangers call your friend blondie and ask whats on her friends forehead. I wonder if julia knew of the power she held in her hand when she handed yuliya the little rectangle with the word 'Loser' printed on it. I wonder if she could have contemplated the adjacent 'Me too!' and 'Kiss my Ass' post-its. Or even the enevitable change to '? I don't get it... Or you!'.
Anyway, I have a dentist appointment in a place two hours away. At least it's free and painless. Unlike report cards. They hurt and cost way too much. You know how you can tell if something is bad or wrong in some way... Well if it causes someone to feel the need to tell you an attempted suicide story inorder to dissuade you from doing whatever your gonna do. Thats when you know its fucked up and not all right. But some people just don't see it. Where are my post-its...
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