Gizmo (gremlin_of_3605) wrote,

X-ray technitions are my friends!

Ok this seems to be the easiest way for my too summarize events in my life... The love and Afraid to love lists! Yay!

Things I Love About the Dentist (and yes it is possible to have a love list for the dentist):
Driving with (hold onto your pants for this) my mom, singing chinese/taiwanese songs from when I was 4, to El Monte
Ooh new mosaic chairs
Random Egyptian art
Hearing spanish spoken with a Vietnamese accent
Having a conversation with the lady who is putting xray cards in my mouth
Being weighted down by a lead apron
Automated chairs
Talking while bitting down on plastic
Getting clipped up
Absorbent paper with one side coated plasticly
Staring at a bright yellow light
The pinch of the needle
The sucker thing
How drills and polishers give off water
The joyous mixed sounds of a drill, the sucker, and random dental people
The fillings applicator and how they have to push it into your tooth
Mmmm tooth polish very fruity
The difference between dentist and doctor bathrooms
Little paper cups from a dispenser
Free toothpaste
Eating right after
Pulling on my lip
The traditional stop at the chinese grocery store

Things I'm Afraid to Love:
Being with my mom for 5 hours
Being left alone in the waiting room without my book (she stole it!)
Potential cataracts
One-size only X-ray cards
Nurses uniforms
"A little wider please"
Being told what I already know
The silver thing that sticks off of your face when theyre filling a tooth
Teeth scrapers
No more toothbrushes...
I wasn't going to rip it
Asians, why are they soo rude?
Old ladies with carts
Workers on a smoking break on the path to the car
The drive back home
Being forced into a promised stay at my mom's house

So this started at 10 and now its twelve. Having a short attention span sucks. I wanna ... wait i cant remember. Fuck! oh well night!
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