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"It's obvious you've never had to remove a cheese stain." Omg, without a doubt the funniest thing ive ever heard! If you get it i love you if not i'll pray for you... I cant wait two weeks to see bree. ha im so in love.
Did you know that bands can have temps? apparently anything is possible since i am now a bassist/vocalist for a band! i love ukrainian grandparents that live off melrose who don't speak english. especially when my dad thinks he can talk to them! on friday i met someone from the congo(actually she's just a congo ing person)! umm what else... oh i have bruised limbs and indented fingers. i love pain resulting from fun!
Pair of handcuffs for sale!
i have a green toe!
yumm canned soy milk!
free orange pick!
more gloves!
showed allie how to make a cd mobile.
not going to do homework even if you say to!!
stolen plastic balls from mcdonalds that my dog is curled up around.
i still remember the bass part!
Ok im done...
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