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"I'm leaving tomorrow and I haven't even begun to pack."

Of course quoted from Breakfast at Tiffany's as stated by Holly Golightly. This quote is all to perfect for me. I have never packed ahead of time for anything.
My pinky is so swollen. It looks like a little snowman... If only I had a little hat. I'd put it on, draw little eyes, glue a little piece of carrot and two sticks to my finger and then I'd take pictures! Anyway, what kind of person gets hurt before the first game? I went inside the gym for the first time! It's so pretty, except for the floor. I was joking sround with Mr. Shattuck, Shattypoo to a select few (Renee I kept the name alive I hope you don't mind!), I asked him if I had to get hurt again before i'd ever get to see the inside again and he said yes and laughed! He thinks I'm a good goalie though, except fo rthe part where I got hurt. HOw is he our assistant coach if he doesn't play soccer?
What else happened...? Friday was really weird. I was extra hyper all day and I didn't want to go to classes so I ditched chem to go to painting 6th period. Alexis poked this butterfly in the butt with a stick so jenni could take a picture. It felt kind of wrong. I was then driven home and five people helped me pick my homecoming dress. I'm the kind of person who will wait till the last minute and then get someone else to decide. Alexis tried to show me how to curl my hair but I didn't trust my self with a curling iron. Eventually they all left and I was alone with this pink/purple dress daring me to put it on. I definetly put it out of my mind and watched tv for 2 hours. hehe. Jenni showed up all pretty and and had to wait while my sister branded me with her iron. Apparently jenni never met my sister before because she was all quiet and it was weird. We went to get shireen and I remember thinking that I was standing on the corner with Jackie Kennedy and a house wife from the fifties. They looked gorgeous but it was funny. They were nervous all the way up to the lower lobby and i was about to die of bordom. The room was way too dark and everyone was hovering around the entry way. I wish I had pictures of everything but i didnt take any. People were so pretty! I hated homecoming but it was fun I have to admit.
It might snow! At night too. I get to be a marshmallow! I promise to take pictures of all the white people in ohio seeing as this will be my first year with my camera. I'm so excited, but if I still want to go Ill have to pack. See you in five days!
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