Gizmo (gremlin_of_3605) wrote,


Or The Ritual Mass Slaughter of Turkeys Day. Does everyone hate thanksgiving? Until Wednesday I thought that only chandler hated the day. But as I was sitting on my couch getting ready to throwup again, ripping up my plane ticket, and watching tv I realized I hated thanksgiving. I was crying because my thanksgiving plans were canceled and this turkey came on the screen ,sitting in a little directors chair, followed by my favorite carpet-er. That old white man had the audacity to sit there petting the turkey while he advertised his carpets and tried to entice people to purchase by offering them a free turkey. If I was that turkey I would have pecked that guys eyes out as that stupid animation and song were playing.
There are so many reason to hate the day. Like the forcing together of illacquainted relatives. Ones that you havent seen and have good reason not to. Don't get me wrong I love my family and was dying to fly to see them, but the ones I got stuck with...
Also the food. I'm not even a vegetarian but I think the mastication of slaughtered fowl and bread made in its rectal cavity is just wrong. And why is there no color? I don't know if it was because I was sick and delusional but the table looked like it was covered in this mass of brown and it was pulsating. And my mother siting next to me chewing on the pre-bagged innards of the 9 lb bird didn't make me want to grab a plateful and start in. Needless to say I grabbed the potatoes and cranberry sauce and moved to the edge of the table.
But the vacation wasn't all a waste. I finished my scarf and I got enough sleep to hold me until next break from school. Maybe not completly enough, let me go fix that...
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