Gizmo (gremlin_of_3605) wrote,

I really need to not wait until midnight to start my day. I barely even get off the couch unless i'm starving or need another soda.
Anyway i think i came on here to rewrite the entry i lost, but i really don't remember much about it. And most of what i do remember was already said by jenni. Except that... soap snow doesn't taste good; the term love polygon is appropriate for closer and it was really good but very sad; saw the patty melt insident coming; britt was upset and i love making her laugh so i pulled out every single corny thing i could say; the wire found me and not i it; the candy canes were definetly not filled with chocolate but rather something quite illegal; saw my favorite actress that nobody knows unless you mention mean girls; i was caught staring and got a smile; the soap was attacking us and it exists despite popular belief; had to resist the urge to break everything in crate and barrel; shopped for cheese; made a friend; and mrs haskin used up all her sick days so she was at school and she kept showing off the present i made her; and i like the grove so the world is gonna end.

so im going to be home and alone and watching tv until the 23rd and ill be at the grove on the 21st and the 22nd and i'm home from the 27th till the 29th so come abduct me because i don't drive. Love to all especially if i don't see you this break!
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