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So I had this whole plan of making an entry called "The ghetto hat goes to O-hi-yo". Long story short, it didn't happen. I was too preoccupied to take alot of pictures but i have a few, so here they are...

We had a two hour delay because they couldn't melt the ice on the runway. You'd think that in two hours the runways would refreeze. It was really weird, it was like 70 in L.A.. I was looking out at the workers wearing short sleeve shirts, but we weren't allowed to fly due to the weather. It looked pretty damn good to me!

It looks like a giant caterpillar!

Notice how the hat fits nicely into the picture... too bad the concept is moot.

I love this tree. Its almost the only one with leaves and it was covered with ice.

Here is the only semi complete group picture that was taken. Believe me there are alot more not pictured.

Thats my cousin jenny and yes she put a mullet wig on her grandfather. She had to give him a massage before he would let her get it near him.

It's sad they gave the same present to my cousin mickey...

Here's jeremiah doing his duties as the eldest son. We're probably the only family that opens presents at noon. Oh and thats josh wearing that god awful hat.

Look snow! and dogs!

Their backyard is so big. If I could have walked the whole thing with my camera I would have. But it was cold and I couldn't move in the three jackets I was wearing.

Haha the boys had to go get fire wood. People actually get their own wood from their own backyards!

Seriously the snow at the grove does not compare to the real thing. The taste alone...

[Insert witty comment here]

The one draw back... the sky.

Here's the other megan... yeah I don't think she knows what she's doing.


Last one...

I'm leaving for Frisco tomorrow with my Freaks and Geeks Dvds and I'll be back monday. Hopefully with more pictures this time...


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This makes me happy...
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